Some urban areas are drier than the Sahara when it comes to finding safe drinking water.

by Leon Pantenburg

Staying hydrated is not an option. Anywhere, any time, you must drink or die. Dehydration can hit you any time you don’t have access to safe, pure drinking water.

In a survival situation, no single item or piece of gear can absolutely guarantee your ability to purify water for drinking. But combining several carefully-chosen pieces of water purification equipment might give you a fighting chance!  (Here are some suggestions.)

Maybe the best idea is to start by finding a water container that works for your life style. It must be easy to carry, always with you and convenient. For me, a 16-ounce hip flask is a good choice. As the name implies, the flask can be carried in the hip pocket of my pants, and is subsequently convenient and easy to carry.

My ozone water filter is the size of a pen, and can be carried in my shirt pocket.

These two tools can go anywhere, and I am confident that my water container will not run dry.

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